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Stick It 2k14

What is Stick It?

Stick It has been an amazing success now for three years! For each $5 donation we wrote in honor or memory of someone who has fought cancer in some way. During the event we display the glow sticks provided by Glow With Us from our team
canopy and at night we light them all! It's a great reminder to each of us as to why we are on this journey. In just three years we have managed to hang over 750 glowsticks totaling almost $4000 in donations! Help us light another 250 glowsticks in
2013 making 1,000 glowsticks in four years! We can do this, together!

Want to honor a loved one AND support a friend? Click this link and be sure to write the name of the person(s) you are honoring on the MESSAGE line of the form!  24 Hours of Booty.  It's easy! Thank you for your sweet support! 

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2013 Honorees
2013 Honorees
Carol Woods 
Nadine Wall 
Ralph Canales 
Millard Gilbert 
Tante Irmgard 
Ann - Mom :) 
Mrs. Bernice Cagle 
Ms. Kitty Ryan 
Allen O'Neal 
Jean Balf 
Bessie Merritt 
Audrey Hall 
Johnnie J. Johnson 
Gordon L. Brewer Sr. 
Barb Diamond 
Evelyn Arrendondo 
Ross Sutherlin 
Shirley Turner 
Richard Sanders 
Patricia Burgess 
Michael Burgess 
Ann Jones 
Dorothy Manley 
Carol Carola 
Debbie Weinbaum 
Gerrie Sanders 
Susie Hesp 
Kris Schulz 
David Hesp 
Andra Padricilli 
Courtney Hicks 
Erika Hamilton 
Mimi Hamilton 
Nadine Wall 
Ethan Young 
Luis Guinot 
Consuelo "Buffy" 
Bonnie Pertsch 
Roger Bradsell 
Chuck Zaremba 
Nunzio Ruffino 
Josie Ruffino 
Jackson Gallagher 
Kayla Doss 
Gina Cook 
Justin Wint 
Charles Spegele 
Lisa Ranieri 
Mel & Carol 
Nadine Wall 
Bill Singletary 
"Buck" Thomas H. Penley 
Brian Durigan in memory of 
Arleeta Smith 
Joe Kamees 
Angela Yarbrough - in honor of 
Ruth Lewis - in honor of 
Ruby Stephens - in honor of 
Donna Arbuthnot - in honor of 
Linda Siebert - in honor of 
Scott Evans - in memory of 
Clara Nunn - in memory of 
Mary Hollon 
Noah in memory of 
Robert L. Smith, Jr. 
Showing 327 items