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Kids Ride for the Cure - SUCCESS!!!

posted May 8, 2012, 11:33 AM by Nadine Wall   [ updated May 8, 2012, 11:33 AM by Skip Wall ]
There are almost no words to describe how amazing today was. From the volunteer and support to the children who rode for a cure today, it was just more than we ever imagined! I was truly touched by the love and encouragement our family, friends, neighbors and community showed today. It was the beginning of something much greater than we will ever be able to imagine. God was in this event 100%. I had texts and emails over the last couple of days of prayer support and encouraging words! I was so peaceful every moment. It's so nice to have that feeling when you have no doubt that He is in control. To see those kids today, pushing their limits, it was such a reminder of how precious life is. Some were little racers, our competative nature, some just did their thing. But in the end, I did not see one child that wasn't so proud of what they accomplished today. Parents cheered them on with bells and whistles and never complained about the scorching sun (We are all fried!) The required helmet check, maintenance check, and rules of the road were top notch and each were just meant to be in the area they signed up for. The expo area was awesome. The Memory Wall at the Sweet Rides tent was so heart warming. The cards that all the kids made for the little girl were absolutely precious! And all those things, are not even the beginning. Our volunteers and supporters made this happen, so thank you. It was so cool to just see it all come together... A blessing really. Thank you for supporting this cause, our team, and thank you for supporting me and my family as we ride and pursue a cure for cancer. It means more than you could ever imagine...